About Nationwide LED Screen Rentals

We are a nationwide LED screen rental company whose team has been doing screen rental over 10 years, hosting more than 1345 events since 2011. 

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"Nationwide LED Rentals' aims to provide unforgettable event experiences at an affordable price with the highest visual quality possible."

What makes us different

Your local event company

Growing from an one-man operation based in Woburn, MA, our local core has always been with us along the way. We pride ourselves in being rooted in your local community and building lifetime bonds with clients and partners just like you.

Top-notch visual quality

To ensure our LED screen quality, someone from our team traveled from Boston, USA to Shenzhen, China to carefully inspect and personally select the most durable and high-quality LED screens available--just to ensure your audience may enjoy an extraordinary visual experience.

Competitive prices

We offer affordable prices and always make sure your event is done within your budget.

Get a pro event service

Our pormise: we always show up on time, deliver the experience smoothly

Creates beautiful moments in your event

We love seeing radiant smiles from your children and loved ones as they devote all their attention to the fun movie night, amplified by our LED screen that brings a stunning visual experience.

We love seeing the joy of achievement projected on crystal-clear, large LED screens during their graduation ceremony, documenting one of the most important moments of their lives. For the rest of the audience, even from the remotest corners, they can still see the minutest details of their children and the graduation speaker, thanks to our large LED screens.

Moreover, we love seeing a group of corporate employees enjoying a sunny day, sitting on a perfectly mowed golf course full of the soul-refreshing and mind-soothing smell of grass, while watching the company-wide zoom conference on our outdoor LED screens.

Our mission is to create an atmosphere of joy and enrich your events - be it with family, friends, or colleagues. We infuse life into your events by providing an unparalleled visual experience, crafting memories that are unforgettable for a lifetime.